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Journey to the West (TV series)

Journey to the West is a 1986 live action TV series made by adapting the majority of the literary classic Journey to the West. The show became an instant classic in mainland China and is still being praised as the best and the most authentic interpretation of the original novel. Unadapted portions of the original Journey to the West were later covered in 1998 as a 'part two' to complete the whole novel .

List of episodes

Part 1

The first series runs to 25 episodes. Directed by Yang Jie, the first trial episode was aired on October 1, 1982, and shooting lasted until 1987. It was aired as a whole in 1988. With the limited but relatively new special effects, the series received a of 89.4% in 1987. The series has been rebroadcast every year since then.

Episode List :

1. The Birth of Monkey King

2. Monkey King the Charge of Horses

3. Monkey King Wreaks Havoc in the Palace of Heaven

4. Monkey King Imprisoned in Wuhang Mountain

5. Monkey King Becomes the Body Guard of Monk Tang

6. Disaster in Kwan-yin Temple

7. Getting Ba Jie with Strategy

8. Facing Three Adversities during the Rough Journey

9. Stealing the Ginseng Fruit

10. Beating the Dead Bones Spirit Three Times

11. Stimulating the Monkey King Wisely

12. Seizing Treasures in Lotus Flower Cave

13. Killing the Devils in the Wuji Country

14. A Battle with the Red Boy

15. Defeating the Three Monsters with Magic

16. The Funny Advantage in the Women Nation

17. Getting the Palm-leaf Fan for Three Times

18. Cleaning the Tower and Clarifying the Injustice

19. Getting in the Little Thunder Temple Accidentally

20. Doctor Monkey King

21. Falling in the Spider Silk Cave Accidentally

22. Visiting the Abyss for Four Times

23. Teaching in Yuhua Continent

24. Getting the Rabbit Spirit in India

25. Arriving in the Pure Land


*Liu Xiao Ling Tong - Sun Wukong
*, Xu Shaohua, Chi Chongrui -
*Ma Dehua - Zhu Bajie
*Yan Huaili - Sha Wujing

Part 2

The second part of series includes 16 episodes. The shooting began in 1998 and finished in 1999. It was first aired in 2000.

Episodes List :

1. Dangerous Crossing at the Heaven-Reaching River

2. A Rift between Master and Disciples

3. Real and Fake Handsome Monkey King

4. Stopped at Lion Hump Mountain

5. Meeting Immortals at Peacock Stage

6. Buddha Captures the Great Roc

7. Heartbreak at Black Water River

8. Capturing the Green Bull Demon

9. Praying for Rain at Phoenix-Immortal Prefecture

10. Wreaking Havoc on Fragrance-Covered Hall

11. A Dead-End Becomes the Way

12. Shedding Tears on Mist-Hidden Mountain

13. Rescue in the City of Children

14. Catching Bandits in Bodhisattva Territory

15. Returning the Souls of Benefactor Kou

16. Admiring the Lanterns at Gold-Level Prefecture


*Liu Xiao Ling Tong - Sun Wukong
*Xu Shaohua, Chi Chongrui -
*Cui Jingfu - Zhu Bajie
*Liu Shaogang - Sha Wujing

Reshot version in High-Definition

A High-Definition reshoot of the entire series is speculated to be planned by CCTV and is speculated to start filming soon.

Other Adaptations

There also exist at least three other TV adaptations of the same novel. Nippon Television made a series, ''Saiyūki'', in 1979-1980 which was translated by the BBC as . Another was made by TVB, a Hong Kong television station. This was made into two parts; part one was made in 1996, starring Dicky Cheung, and the second part was made in 1998, starring Benny Chan Ho Man. The general public was displeased with the second part of the adaptation, mostly due to recasting Sun Wukong. Cheung later reprised his role in Taiwan's 2002 adaptation, which was infamous for being terribly inaccurate.

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